Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Coffee Creamer

I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but when I do I always add creamer (and maybe sugar if the creamer isn't sweet enough. I also like to try all the different kinds of creamer out there. If I'm in the store and I see a new flavor I HAVE to buy it to try. I have tried so many I don't even remember all the ones I've tried and I have probably tried the same one more than once. 

I recently tried the new Dunkin' Donuts creamers. My favorite one is the Extra Extra. I don't have to add any sugar in my coffee with that one. My husband is a big coffee drinker and he likes this one so much that we always have to have it in the house. 

I currently have Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Spice in my fridge too. Not a big pumpkin flavored coffee person, but it's pretty good and another one that I don't need to add sugar with.

What kind of creamers have you tried?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Play-doh....seriously? What's you most un-favorite Toy?


Who thought that Play-doh was a good idea for kids to play with? I absolutely HATE Play-doh and of course my 3 year old always wants to play with it. I mean for starters it smells weird, it can get all over and you either play with one color at a time or you have a batch of rainbow. 

The smell isn't a huge deal, although it's definitely not something I want turned into a candle. When I do let my 3 year old play with it, I have her sit in her highchair to keep it on the tray. I am always amazed at the tiny little pieces that are constantly all over the tray that I'm always trying to pick up with a larger piece of the same color. And speaking of color. No one wants to play with just one color at a time....can you say BORING? But once you start putting colors together you can say goodbye to that color ever being by itself again. Try explaining to a 3 year old that she can't have just yellow now because it had green, red, blue or any other color mixed in with it now. 


Let's not forget the toys that you can buy to play with the Play-doh. Ugh. You have to have the strength of 10 men to use those presses. Ok, not really 10 men, but more than most toddlers have. I bought a kit similar to this one thinking my daughter could play a little more independently. I couldn't have been more wrong. First was teaching her the right amount to put into the press. Next was trying to explain that you can only do one "shape" at a time. Then the actual press itself. Even I have to really "push" to get the Play-doh to come out. So now it's, let mommy warm up the Play-doh, you put some in the press, then mommy will press it out. 

I'm not even going to get into trying to clean all the Play-doh out of it.....