Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of Year (or is it?)


Christmas use to be my favorite time of year and I'd go all out crazy decorating with my totes and boxes of Christmas decorations. I thought having a little one would make me even more in the Christmas spirit. The 1st Christmas was great and I looked forward to her getting older and understanding what was going on. Unfortunately, there was some personal issues last year that made Christmas hard to get through and now this year I keep thinking back. My daughter is 3 so I'm really trying to put all my sadness in a bottle and focus on her excitement, which there is a lot of!


I never had Christmas traditions growing up and so I've started some that I hope to continue every year. The first one is Christmas books. I love reading and so far, my daughter is following along in my "book" prints. So I wrapped 23 Christmas books and put them in a basket under the tree. Each night before bed she gets to choose one to unwrap and have read. On Christmas Eve she will get a gift with Christmas PJ's, a Christmas movie and popcorn.

What kind of Christmas Traditions did you have growing up?
Do you still do any of them today?

Monday, November 27, 2017


I want to take a moment here to apologize to anyone that may be trying to check out the Product Review page. I have spent the last 30 minutes (at least) trying to update the font, sizes and colors. No matter what I do, once I hit update, it does it own thing. I tried to make it all 1 regular size font and it changes it to half small and half super small. I tried to change the font. It changes portions to random fonts that it sees fit. I really hope I don't have to delete the whole page and start over, but I can't stand how it looks now.....so please bare with me while I get that all sorted out.

In the meantime, if you have already, stop by and like my Facebook page Read N' Reviews and if you enjoy reading groups - there's a Facebook group for that here. The 1st book in the group will be starting on Dec. 1st. There's still plenty of time to get the book. There's no timeframe in which it needs to be read.